The project will include replacing the sand with a soft fall material, which will make the park and equipment handicap accessible. To provide a more inclusive play area for all residents, this project would propose to upgrade the soft fall area to a poured in place rubberized surface along with the addition of some accessible play equipment. the project would include ramps as needed to provide access to the soft fall and playground areas. The project would also add parking spaces along River Street and Hickory Street along with providing additional sidewalk access from the parking areas to the playground. The project is now nearing substantial completion with the exception of the rain garden.
Status: CompletedStart Date: 2022-02-28Completion Date: 2022-08-18

Drone pictures of Railroad Park  Click on the picture symbol by the date to see all of the pictures. 


The Railroad Park Project is nearing completion, and looks great. A big thank you to the Washington County Riverboat Foundation for a grant award of $100,044.00 towards the project!


Below is the link that can be used for the Railroad Park and 3rd Street Projects. The link will be updated on a regular basis to keep all informed of the latest happening with each project.

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