We've compiled a list of commonly-requested documents and applications.



Park shelters and community buildings are available to rent and reserve from the City of Riverside. Call City Hall at (319) 648-3501 to check on availability, then complete and return the appropriate form:

Building Permits

Fees for building permits vary depending upon the proposed project. The process for approval follows:

Fines may be imposed if construction is started before a permit is approved or if occupancy is allowed before the City approves the structure. It is the builder's responsibility to inform the City Administrator and/or City Clerk when the project is ready for inspection.

Some examples of projects requiring permits are:

If you are unsure whether your project requires a permit, contact Building Inspector David Tornow at 319-330-5880, or at bldginspect@riversideiowa.gov 

Voter Registration

To register to vote in Riverside, complete the voter registration form and mail it to Washington County Auditor's Office, P.O. Box 889, Washington, IA 52353. If you have an Iowa Driver's License or Non-operator's ID, you can register to vote online.