Trash and recycling are contracted out, but we've compiled details including collection day and costs below.

Trash and Recycling

Refuse collection is contracted out, and pick-up is curbside each Monday beginning at 7 a.m. The rate for trash and recycling is currently $17.50/month or $19.50/month, depending upon the size of the container, and will appear on your water bill. All recyclables should be placed curbside in the recycling cart and trash in the trash cart. Both are supplied to each property. If you do not have carts, contact your landlord., or if you own your home, contact city hall. All existing properties should already have trash and recycling carts.

Bulky Item Tag List

Click the link about for the number of tags required for bulky items. Please call Johnson County Refuse to arrange pickup at 319-665-4498

Yard Waste

Yard waste pickup is handled through a bag system. Johnson County Refuse bags are currently available for $1.65 per bag. Yard waste is deemed grass, small twigs, and garden waste. Open burning is permitted for yard waste and recreational activities. They will be available at City Hall and at Casey's in Riverside. Please contact City Hall regarding any questions you may have on city ordinances.

Brush Pickup

The City will no longer be offering any type of brush or stick pickup.