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The City of Riverside has the Mayor/Council system of government, with five City Council members elected on a staggered basis. The Council meets on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month in the Riverside Fire Department training room.
Allen Schneider, Mayor

(319) 330-2102
Term Expires 2021

Edgar McGuire, Council Person

(319) 594-1931
Term Expires 2023

Jeanine Redlinger, Council Person

(615) 478-9239
Term Expires 2023

Andy Rodgers, Council Person

(319) 325-6351
Term Expires 2021

Lois Schneider, Council Person

(319) 648-2701
(319) 330-8503
Term Expires 2024

Tom Sexton, Council Person

(319) 648-4513
Term Expires 2021