The 3rd Street Project will include water main, curb and gutter, street and sidewalks along all of 3rd Street from Hwy 22 to Washington. The intersections along 3rd Street will have construction as well. Anyone having plant materials or other items in the city ROW will need to have them removed immediately. Property access during construction will be through the alleys. Garbage collection will be coordinated with the contractor. Please mark your garbage and recycling containers to ensure they are returned to the proper residence after pickup. The plan is to work on one block at a time, weather permitting. Crews are in town now doing all of the prep work prior to a project start date of May 9th. Please keep all vehicles, children and pets out of the construction zone.
Status: CompletedStart Date: 2022-05-09Completion Date: 2022-30-11

Drone pictures of the 3rd Street Project Click on the photo picture by the date to see all of the pictures. Second set of drone pictures.

Here is a link to the project page for the 3rd Street Project. 

UPDATE! Starting Monday alley access off of Greene Street will be opened for traffic.. Alley access at Washburn Street will be closed.

UPDATE!  Paving has begun on 2nd Street, and will continue next week through the entire first phase of the project. Please stay off of the paving. 

UPDATE!  There has been some confusion regarding the repair/replacement of water and sewer service lines during this project. If during excavation, a lead service line is exposed, the homeowner is encouraged to replace the line from the curb stop to the property. Charges for this work will be at the homeowner's expense. The homeowner may contact the contractor currently working on the 3rd Street project  to perform the work, who will provide an estimate, or you can use another contractor to perform the work . If you use a private contractor, work will need to be performed during the time the area is open for construction to avoid any project delays.

The same procedure is used if a sewer service line needs repairs/replacement. The scope of the 3rd  Street project will include replacing the sewer service line from the main to the back of the curb. The service line from the curb to the structure is the financial responsibility of the homeowner.


In the upcoming days, road barriers will be moved aside opening up the roads for PHASE 2 portion of the project. Barriers are to remain in place for PHASE 1 as construction continues. Residents need to refrain from moving the barriers and driving down Third Street. Notification will be provided as construction phasing changes. Residents are to continue to put their trash out to the curb as usual unless their sidewalks have been removed. If they have sidewalks removed, then they are to leave their garbage cans by their front door/front of the house. STREB will coordinate getting the garbage dumped. Residents need to put their house number on their cans. Once the roads are removed, different instructions will be provided for garbage pickup. 


UPDATE!  There is a revised schedule. The demolition of sidewalks and stumps will continue 6/8-6/10/22. Pending progress, the driveways and roads will start being demolished 6/10-6/13/2022 for Phase I. Residents will need to remove their vehicles from the project limits and start parking in the alleys. Barricades will need to remain in place as the streets will be closed. 

UPDATE! Households west of Greene Street need to remove all cars from the street by midnight, July 4th. Stump, sidewalk, and driveway removals will begin starting Tuesday, July 5th. Garbage cans need to be left by the front of the house once your sidewalk is removed. Contractors will handle garbage pick up of containers once demolition starts in front of your residence. Those not having alley access will be contacted by Streb as to where to park. 

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